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LV Lifestyle is located in SPTA Shopping Mall, Near Nanayam Super Market, Tenkasi. We are undertaking Twinbirds Franchise exclusive branded outlet showroom in the above premises.

Twin Birds is the answer to the growing aspirations and expectations of the Indian Girls & Women consumers to match with their fashion counterparts, the world over. Through this brand, we are committed to designing, packing, and distributing readymade garments and accessories that will serve the Indian Girls & Women fashion lifestyle apparel market

With extensive research about the Indian Girl’s & Women’s fashion needs, consumer behavior, product profile & pricing affordability, we have created an exclusive collection of inner wear, outerwear, casual wear, sportswear, activewear, sleepwear – in general, Girls & Women’s daily wear. Twin Birds is continuously offering various products from its widest INTERNATIONAL RANGE OF WOMEN’S DAILY WEAR collection to the Indian market.